Sunday, September 30, 2007

to our great clients!

can it be, another year has almost passed! we thank you for your friendship, and your loyalty, and for entrusting us with your most precious memories. our summer has been a full one, our family has 'jeni-take-a-ride' at:

we look forward to the fall portrait season, and the coming year of working together to create beautiful portraits to cherish for a lifetime.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

kaitie...class of 2008!

parker mill...washtenaw county

happy 20th birthday alex!

seems like just yesterday...

white paws' harley-d

a beautiful white german shepherd dog...a heartwarming successful harley's story on his blog:

andrea & troy's daughter...

earth mother carole's grandaughter!

black jack!

e.t.'s boy...

candy...class of 2008!

loves cowgirls...

and vintage clothes...

chloe, abby & ruby...

dan & beth's kidz!

for more chloe, abby & ruby go to: